JoinFX offers you exposure to the most popular precious metals with consistently tight pricing.

Since the beginning of time gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium have been well known as valuable, the reason for their high value is due to their rarity. They are expensive, difficult to mine, and appreciated by industries and investors alike.

In today’s trading world, it is possible to gain profits from a commodity, such as gold without having to physically own the metal.

At JoinFX you can easily trade gold, platinum and other precious metals online. Try metals trading with your leading regulated broker and enjoy the following benefits.

JoinFX allows trading the spot price for metals including Gold or Silver against the US Dollar or Australian Dollar as a currency pair on 1:200 leverage.

With JoinFX you will gain exposure to the available global market prices on trading gold CFDs and silver CFDs.

What are the benefits of trading Metals?

Trade in any direction you think the markets will go, short or long, maximising trading opportunities

Powerful trading platform, Metatrader 5 (MT5), with real-time gold and silver news and charts. Trade anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices

Benefit from low margin, low-cost trading, without compromising execution