Join FX which is located at Hong Kong owns this site and operates it.
  1. General Conditions
This contract explains the terms applied to the usage of various services at  (will be referred as “website” from now on). Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Online Help for customer support and e-mail. Our website is accessible to anyone on earth who has an access to internet. Accessing to our website and using it is up to the following terms and conditions. BY USING OUR WEBSITE AND ACCESSING TO IT, YOU WILL BE ADMITTED THE TERMS AND THE CONDITION WITHOUT ANY LIMITATION. We keep our right to change these terms and conditions any time. The change of the terms and conditions will only occur when revised terms and conditions will be published on the web site. By using our website, you approve that the terms and conditions applied at that certain time of usage. By using our website, you approve the terms and conditions and the Security Manifesto below. If you do not agree with these policies, please stop using this website immediately.
  1. Online Services Agreement
This contract is established between you and Join FX (“website”). This contract applies to the online contact which presents at the web site which provides programme operation service on forex market and trade platform and instant exchange rates and internet, telephone or fax and the other properties that Join FX may include in the future.
  1. Suitability for Membership
The services are suitable and can be applied to only people or companies which can make an obligatory agreement at the country where they reside. Without limiting the conditions below, our services is not appropriate for people under 18 years old or reached lawful age. If you have not reached the lawful age, you can not use this service. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED PROPERTIES, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. For the avoidance of any doubt, we do not take responsibility for the usage of our services by the people who has not already reached the lawful age. In addition to this, our services only suitable for people who are experienced on financial matters and can make consideration of the risks as well as one can manage the advantages and risks of making financial contract through this website. You are responsible for every decision you make due to the contents of this website. Without limiting the terms stated above, our services is not suitable to be used at the regions where our services are considered illegal and Join FX  keeps right to reject and/or ban customers access to its services.
  1. Registry Information and Requirements
When you are registering, you will be asked for some ID information for verification. You are responsible from your username and password security. You are the only one who is responsible for results of the usage of your account in an illegal manner or negligence. During registration you approve to provide strict and complete information about yourself and not to hide your identity from Join FX nor play the role of other person or Join Consultancy Limited. If you are registering as a commercial Join Consultancy Limited, you should declare that you present that Join Consultancy Limited legally in order to have an obligatory contract. Join FX  behaves carefully to the information you provide due to its privacy policy.
  1. Legal Restrictions
Without the classifications of the terms stated above you approve that the laws regarding to financial contract vary at every country and understand that it is your responsibility to make sure that there are not any conflicts with this website and the laws of your resident country. For the avoidance of any doubt; it does not mean that it is legal to access our website from your country that it is legal to operate on this website under the laws of your resident Join Consultancy Limited. Hereby, you declare that the money invested in Join FX account do not stem from narcotics traffic, kidnapping humans or any other illegal and/or crime facility.
  1. Limited Usage
Join FX gives you an account to access and use the website which does not have an implicit power and which is untransferable (“Licence”). Licence, is up to your suitability to this contract. You approve that not reselling the website or make it available for the usage of someone else and copying any kind of documentation for reselling or any other purposes before you take the written permission of Join FX. For the avoidance of any doubt; in case of infringement of this section, you will be tied with and responsible for the unauthorised usage of the website. You approve that you will only operate within the website by the information you gained from the website. At the same time, you approve that you are not going to use the electronic communication feature of the website for abusing someone’s privacy and detraction besides using it for illegal, misusing, responsing, pornoghraphic or hate speeching purposes. If Join FX decides that one of the information you provided including your e-mail address is not correct or you became unsuccessful to correspond any terms and conditions of this contract and rules, the account that has given to you will be abolished. If Join FX determines that you perform a crime (including a result outside the market rates, but not limited with it) on Join FX trade platform, the same will apply. If this kind of a violation occurs, you approve to end up the access to services. You also approve that Join FX may end your access to all of or some of its services, close any open operation, delete or export any content or information on its own appreciation, by informing you or not informing you about it.
  1. Risk Explanation
You approve the website by taking your own risk. Without limiting the statements below, this web site is intended to the customers who can stand for the loss in the market which they have invested, understanding the risks and experienced to take risks on financial markets. You have a risk to lose all off or some the first investment, for this reason you should not start with an amount of money that you can not stand to lose. You must be aware of the risk about binary options and you should ask for the advice of an independent consultant if you have any doubt.
  1. Financial Information
Join FX may compile a range of information obtained from agents, suppliers or partners (“third party providers”) via one or more services. This includes financial market data, quotations and news, opinions of analysts but not limited with them. The information provided on this website are not intentional investment recommendations. Join FX only presents financial information as a service. Join FX and its third party providers do not guarantee that neither these information nor your usage of this information will have certain results, on time, complete and on the right order. For example, financial information can not be trusted at any time due to a lot of reasons including market or economical conditions. Neither COMPANY NAME   , nor its third party providers do not have to update the information and opinions located at financial information and may interrupt financial information flow at any time without informing. You are responsible for interrogating the reliability of the information found on the web site and their suitability for your needs. We are not taking responsibility for any demand, damage or loss stemmed from the information located or referred on the web site.
  1. Links
Join FX may present a link to other websites which are provided or operated by third parties. This kind of a link to any websites does not mean an approval, sponsorship or partnership to this site, its owners and suppliers. Join FX recommends you to understands the risks of these sites before accessing, using or online trading. These links are only provided to maintain simplicity for you and you approve that Join FX is not responsible for using or trusting on any content, product and service presented on the other sites.
  1. Cancelling Trade
Join FX keeps its right to decline or cancel a service upon its appreciation and delivering profit to anyone because of legitimate reasons including but not limited to the following situations:
  1. If Join FX has a reason to believe that someone’s actions are illegal on the website
  2. If Join FX has a risk to have financial or treasury loss because of someone’s actions.
  3. IF Join FX decides that one or more actions on this site violates this contract.
  1. Payment Procedure
Join FX finance department inspects every demand for withdraw. Identity verification documentations should be sent to every withdraw demand. There are not any fees for withdrawing money with credit card but for money order withdraw demands the commission of the bank may apply to your account. When a withdraw demand is sent, Join FX may take its time up to 3 labor days. When your application is approved, please wait to see the remainder on your account up to 5-7 labor days.
  1. Bonus
Join FX presents charming prizes and facilities to both new and resident customers. Bonuses and for once trade credits are a part of Join FX promotion programme. This bonuses are limited with time and the conditions of any bonus may chance.
  1. Limited Responsibility
We commit the persistence of the services at this website. Addition to this, we are not taking the responsibility for any fails on functioning and communication, neglecting, deleting, de-linking, delay, failure, communication link failures of this site and services, burglary, damage or unauthorised access to the site. We do not take responsibility for any problems about internet, technical problems on the website or the service, busy traffic, technical problems on the telephone network or the telephone line, online computer systems, servers and providers, software or the technical problems on the hardware. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage that has been caused by contents on the website or usage of the website or the management of the users of the website and the services no matter online or offline, under any circumstances and allowed by laws to be applied. NEITHER Join FX NOR ITS MANAGERS, EMPLOYEES, STAFF AND AGENTS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTIAL, RELATED AND INCLUDING THE PUNISHMENT REQUIRED DAMAGES AND THE INVESTMENT DECISION TAKEN UP ON AN INFORMATION LOCATED ON THE WEB SITE BUT NOT LIMITED WITH THEM TOWARDS TO YOU WHETHER THESE DAMAGES WHICH DEPENDS ON THE USAGE OF THE WEB SITE, CAN BE PREDICTABLE OR UNPREDICTABLE OR Join FX IS INFORMED ABOUT THEM OR NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LIMITED RESPONSIBILITY WILL BE APPLIED UNDER THE PERMISSION AREA OF THE LAWS APPLIED AND COMPANY NAME   ’S TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY NEVER EXCEED THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT YOU HAVE TRANSFERRED TO YOUR RELATED ACCOUNT FOR THE OPERATION THAT IS SUBJECT TO THIS RESPONSIBILITY.
  1. Procedures against money laundering
Forbidden Usages: It is forbidden to misuse this website for money laundering. Join FX uses best applications against money laundering. Join FX has a right to refuse or end a business relationship and cancel a customer operation which are not suitable for the procedures against money laundering.
  • Online users should obtain all the necessary documentation.
  • Earnings would be paid to the first online account owner.
  • When you operate an account with money orders, earning will be delivered to the unique owner of the bank account. Trader is responsible to make sure that the trader account number is corresponding to the bank account number for every investment.
  • When you invest using a credit card or debit card, earning will be delivered to the person whose name is located on the card.
  • Only one account is allowed to one person. For the accounts under false names or multiple accounts belonging to same person never gain any earnings.
  • Join FX may ask for a notarised passport photocopy or other types of identity cards if necessary, up on its own discretionary power for ID verification and the account may be pending until the identification is verified.
  1. Intellectual Property
All contents, commercial brands, service brands, commercial name, logo and sign belonging to COMPANY NAME   S or its partnerships or agents are protected by international laws about intellectual property. You approve not to remove the royalty notifications and other indicators which protects the intellectual property on the materials that you have downloaded or printed from the website. Other than mentioned here, such materials or the site are not subject to obtain an intellectual property licence. The images shown on this website belong to COMPANY NAME   . You approve not to download, publish, deliver and reproduce any kind of materials that are protected by intellectual property laws (publicity and privacy are included) without the permission of the royalty owner.
  1. Allowance
You approve to defend and compensate our Join Consultancy Limited and its employees, directors, staff and agents and efford all the expenses including attorneys fee, justification demands, obligations, damages, loss but not limited with them in case you do not obey the terms and conditions of the contract or using the website and the services.
  1. Expiration and Dismissal of the Contract
This contracts expiration is limitless but our Join Consultancy Limited may dismiss the contract by giving you information. From the time that dismissal occurs, you are not going to be able to perform new operations.
  1. General Expression
Our Join Consultancy Limited will not be responsible to any one in case of compelling situations occur or governmental or legal authorities performance. If some of the terms will not be applied by the bove forces than the other terms will be valid and in use. If one party of the contract becomes unsuccessful, this does not mean that other terms and conditions are resigned. Our Join Consultancy Limited may co-ordinate the terms and conditions stated here without your will. Our Join Consultancy Limited may change some terms and conditions by publishing the new terms and conditions on the web site. It is your responsibility to control if the contract is changed. Any changes go into operation when they are published on the website. If you do not approve to be tied with the terms and conditions of this contract, do not use and access to services and get in touch with us verbally.